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Dullal Miah Arts

Dullal Miah is an artist based in Cambridgeshire. Dullal specialises in hyper-realism drawings primarily of faces that tell a story, regardless of age, gender, race or background.

We were approached by Dullal Miah to design and develop a portfolio based website to showcase his amazing artwork

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Dullal Miah Hyper Realism Artist Business Cards
Dullal Miah Website Mockup Device Presentation
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Dullal Miah Arts

We designed the website to tell his story and give an insight in to his process and talent. Each portfolio page has images of the final artwork with additional images of highlighted details. Each portfolio also has time-lapse videos which documents the whole process from start to finish. There are plans to integrate an e-commerce solution in to the website so the original artworks can be sold in the future.