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DeHavilland Healthcare

DeHavilland Healthcare is a medical recruitment agency based in Bedfordshire. They specialise in supplying nurses and IT professionals to the NHS and private healthcare sector. They enlisted our services to help them stand out in a competitive sector and gain more brand visibility to position themselves as leaders in their sector.

We were tasked with creating a new brand identity and recruitment website with a job board that would allow nurses to easily apply to new career opportunities. They required an identity that reinforces the core values of the business, being a trusted provider of the best nursing professionals that strive to make a difference.

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DeHavilland Healthcare

We designed a bold logo with strong typographic characteristics to create a memorable wordmark in the recruitment industry. The branding design is to be used across a wide range of applications and branded merchandise. The logo can be broken down into separate elements while still maintaining the brand’s identity, making it very versatile where ever it is used.

We designed a striking website design with an integrated job board that allows nurses to easily apply to new career opportunities. The website features pop-up forms when buttons are clicked, so users don’t have to leave the page to register. The website is easy to navigate and call-to-actions are clear to help conversions on all devices.