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UK Aquatic Plant Society

UK Aquatic Plant Society – A thriving online community revolving around aquatic plants, aquariums and all things fish-keeping. UKAPS is one of the world’s top resources for the planted aquarium and aquascaping enthusiast.

We were approached by the UK Aquatic Plant Society for a brand refresh. They had a logo that looked dated and didn’t work well at small sizes, which was important as the majority of interactions on UKAPS now happen through mobile devices, rather than through desktop devices as it did when UKAPS was born in 2007.

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UKAPS Logo Before And After Mobile Presentation
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UK Aquatic Plant Society

UKAPS recently upgraded their online infrastructure and website design, and wanted a new identity that could be rolled out with the new interface to enhance their users experience. We refreshed the UKAPS branding design to present a fresh and modern identity while trying to pay homage to the old era. The logo is friendly and welcoming to reflect the community that has built up the platform over the years. The logo looks great at small sizes on mobile devices and on merchandise to be sold to help fund UKAPS.